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The Queens Pirates

In the summer of 1717, the pirate Blackbeard arrived off the coast of Madagascar sending ripples throughout the community and threatening the trade routes from India. No one dared go up against Blackbeard. Except three teenagers from Queens, New York.

Treasure Sleuths

Escape into a world of adventure and mystery with the Treasure Sleuths as they unravel ancient mysteries, discover buried vaults, recover looted archaeological artifacts and search for long-lost treasure. Some secrets were never meant to be uncovered...

My Books

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Queens Pirates #1

The Pirate Portal

Treasure Sleuths #5

The Secret of the Hidden Staircase

Treasure Sleuths #4

The Secret of the Royal Clarence

Treasure Sleuths #3

The Secret of the Mad Monk

"I want to experience the thrill of the hunt just like you."

Abi Hart, Treasure Sleuth

"What has the British Museum got us going after now?"

Joe Jameson, Treasure Sleuth

"Shiver me titties!"

Calum Kidd, Queens Pirate

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October 15, 2017 No Comments

Finally, I’m Making an Effort On FaceBook

Wow, what a weekend.  The sun is out and I’m at the secret desk but I’m not writing books, I’m messing around with FaceBook!  My best friends Colin and Suze have been nagging me for months to get more serious with so today I’ve been sorting out this website and creating a new FaceBook page.  […]