About Me

About Paul Belzoni

I like writing, I can’t help it.  While some find happiness chasing bad guys,  cutting people open on ER tables, or trying to find the God particle, I’m just a humble writer that nobody has ever heard of.  And that’s okay because, truth be told, I’m too nice to be a policeman, too squeamish to be a surgeon and no where near intelligent enough to even make cups of tea for particle physicists.

So here I am typing away on another idea for a book.  At my secret desk.  In my secret office.  In a secret location.

I like writing about treasure, pirates and recently I’m enjoying conspiracy theories.  When I’m not writing I’m out with my trusty metal detector and could be deep in the woods looking for hoards, or deep in the water looking for sunken treasure.  It’s amazing what you can find, but if you’ve read Treasure Sleuths then you’ll know because those stories are based on real events.  Mostly.

My characters have a way of finding trouble and coming up against obstacles that need to be overcome to reach their goals.  Cos we all want something in life and people seem to throw things in our way to try and stop us.  I don’t believe in positive thinking, I believe in self-assurance.  That’s believing in yourself that you’ll find a way or figure it out.  Unfortunately we can’t all be the things we want, we do have real limitations and life is hard.  Work on your talents, find something you love and allow luck to enter your life.

So whatever it is YOU want to achieve in life, go at it with guts and determination.

And don’t let anyone tell you you’re too nice, too squeamish or not intelligent enough.